Pain Relief For Period Pain Heat Patch

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Quick Details :
Brand Name: Haobloc
Type: Menstrual Pain Relief Patch
Item Name: Self Heating Abdominal Menstrual Pain Relief Patch
Indication: For women’s menstrual pain
Place of Origin: Anhui, China
1.Clean the affected area before use.
2.Peel off the anti-sticking paper in the middle and then apply the magnetic sheet to the affected area.
3.Peel off the anti-sticking paper of both sides to fix on the skin flatly.
4.Each sheet can be applied for 24 hours.
Precautions :
1.Pregnant women,allergic physique are forbidden to use.
2.The plaster can heat instantly,don’t open the packing if you are not ready to use it.
3. Don’t take the plaster close to the watch, magnetic cards and magnetic disks .
′′ A life changing product Menstrual Pain Relief Patch only for girls ′′
Call to order over the phone:
1 / Sumaiya 0188-0440376
2 / Anklets 0199-6935391
3 / Ira 0175-1907857
At last, relief from menstrual pain.
A safe, drug-free and clinically proven solution to menstrual pain and discomfort.
Our Patch is an award winning drug-free micro medical device that uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy toreduce menstrual pain and discomfort.  Our Patch is a wafer-thin, discreet, lightweight, and comfortable and is designed to provide 24/7 continual use throughout your entire period.
Many women today are limited in one aspect or another by the pain and discomfort they experience as aresult of menstruation. There is now a safer, convenient and effective solution to help you get on with your 

daily activities.


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