Oedo Stretch Marks Remove Cream

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Oedo Stretch Remove Cream

Roses and numerous herbs are passed through modern extraction techniques. Finally get the herbal extract. Oedo Stretch Marks Remove Cream effectively help reduce stretch marks caused by pregnancy, promote cell regeneration, enhance skin elasticity, restore necrotic cells, stretch marks, obesity lines, etc., so that the skin looks more tender and white. Three boxes of a course of treatment.

Brand: OEDO

Slogan: Herbal Extract Maternity Skin Repair Remove Pregnancy Scars

Net Wt: 1.4 oz/40G

Scope of Use: Suitable for any skin type.

Oedo Stretch Cream Ingredients:

water, glycerin, olysorbate 80, pyridoxine hcl, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, dextran, rosa rugosa flower extract, centella asiatica root extract, allantoin, methylparaben, propylparaben

Oedo Cream Usage Method:

Apply the appropriate amount of the product to the parts you want to use after the cleansing, and massage in circles to make the skin fully absorb.

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