Menstrual Cup Electric Sterilizer Clean Your Cup

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How to use menstrual cup steam sterilizer?

  1. Use The cover as the Measuring cup, Pour 5ml purified water in to the middle round hole of the sterilizer body.
  2. place the piece that needs to be sterilized don’t eh body.
  3. Put on the cover
  4.  plug the power. if indicated light is not on, Push the power button for turning on.
  5. menstrual cup electric sterilizer will be working of sterilizing for around 2 minutes, The power will cut off automatically once it finishes sterilizing. The indicator light will turn off.
  6. Open the cover when it is cooled.



Certification: CE, FDA
Group: Adult
Type: menstrual cup electric sterilizer
Customized: Customize

Product name: menstrual cup steam sterilizer
Input Voltage: 110-240V
Power 99W

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