Lady menstrual cup affordable price in Bangladesh

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Why choose Menstrual Cup for menstrual cleanliness?

Many girls in Bangladesh are not aware of their reproductive health and hygiene or safe management during menstruation. We all need to know, understand and be vigilant about hygiene and health risks during periods.
Now we all know how unhealthy it is to use old clothes, cotton, and a single pad for a long time! Many have already heard the name Menstrual Cup. Many may have even started using it. But most of the girls in our country still do not have a clear idea about the use of menstrual cups. Many are afraid to use it or do not understand how to use it. Menstrual hygiene

Many Bangladeshi people question whether using Menstrual Cup will ruin their virginity!

The answer depends on what you mean by virginity. Virginity means whether you have ever had sexual intercourse. Which has nothing to do with it. And in some Asian countries, including our country, where virginity thought to related to the hymen, it means that one who does not have a veil is not a virgin!
In other words, there is no virgin at this age! Because in this age, mayors do swimming, cycling, skipping, gym, and at some point in their lives, Hymen can torn apart. Virginity, thus, has nothing to do with the menstrual cup.

Features Of Menstrual Cup




Length of Stem

Max Volume

Up to the Rim













Brand Name: Lady cup

Item Type: Feminine Hygiene

Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Quantity: 1

Model Number: HYP-207-1

Item Name: Lady menstrual cup

Size: 1 Small; 2 Large

Supply : All Over In Bangladesh

Color: Pink / White / Green/ Purple


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3 / ERA 0175-1907857
4 / Sakila 0187-6564148
2 / Napur 0199-6935391

So Buy Lady menstrual cup affordable price in Bangladesh. We Deliver All over in Bangladesh Order Now and Enjoy Your Menstruation Days.


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