Hijama therapy pump

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Hijama cupping therapy, wonderful medical method
The medical benefits of all the diseases caused by this cupping

1. High blood pressure
2. Blood contamination
3. Migraine-induced long-term headache
4. Diabetes
5. Amnesia. Bone joint pain/gate arthritis  Neck pain

6. Knee pain 9. Long-term/general headache

10. Leg pain 11. Back pain 12. Back pain
13. Muscle pain
14. Long-term abdominal pain
15. Pain caused by bone displacement
18. Problems with the thyroid gland
17. Sinusitis 1
8. Asthma
19. Heart disease
20. Infections of the circulatory system
21. Tonsils 22. Infection of teeth / mouth / tongue
23. Mental problems
24. Hair loss25. Chronic dermatitis
27. Discharge of waste from the skin
27. Many more diseases including boils and scabies.
26. Sleep Disorders
29. Vertebral disc prolapse/herniation
30. Fatten
31. Many more diseases including gastric. Hijama is a treatment that keeps the human body fresh and enhances the body’s resistance to disease. So, we should all take this treatment at least once to stay safe and healthy.
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  • Anklets     0199-6935391
  • Ira              0175-1907857
Hijama therapy pump Hijama therapy pump


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