Girl’s organic menstrual cup

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Organic menstrual cups are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, including in Bangladesh. While it may not be as readily available as in some other countries, there are still ways to purchase organic menstrual cups in Bangladesh. One way to purchase an organic menstrual cup in Bangladesh is through online shopping platforms such as Daraz, Ajkerdeal, and Othoba. These platforms offer a variety of menstrual cup brands, including organic options. It is important to make sure the brand and the seller are reputable and reliable before making a purchase. Another option is to visit local organic and health stores in major cities like Dhaka, Chittagong, and Khulna. These stores may carry organic menstrual cups or be able to special order them for customers. It is also worth noting that many international brands of organic menstrual cups offer international shipping, including to Bangladesh. This can be a good option for those who are unable to find a suitable product locally. When purchasing an organic menstrual cup in Bangladesh, it is important to make sure that it is made from high-quality, certified organic materials and to follow the instructions provided for proper use and care. As always, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before trying any new menstrual product.

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Girl’s OrganiCup, Menstrual Cup By Girl’s Shop Bd. Online

1* Size : T – Teenagers.

2* Size : S – Small.

3* Size : L – Large.

Size Teenagers (Pack of 1)

Size Small (Pack of 1)

Size Large (Pack of 1)


An organic menstrual cup is a type of menstrual cup that is made from natural and organic materials. While many menstrual cups are made from medical-grade silicone, some brands offer menstrual cups made from organic materials such as natural rubber, biodegradable plant-based materials, or medical-grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Organic menstrual cups are typically marketed as being more sustainable and eco-friendly than traditional menstrual cups, as they are made from renewable materials and are often biodegradable or compostable. Additionally, some women prefer organic menstrual cups because they are free from potentially harmful chemicals and plastics that may be present in traditional menstrual cups. It is important to note that not all menstrual cups labeled as “organic” are necessarily better or safer than traditional menstrual cups. Women should always read product labels carefully and research brands to ensure that they are using a menstrual cup that is safe, effective, and appropriate for their individual needs.

Brand Girl’s OrganiCup Color Size T/S/L Material Silicone Material Type Free Chemical Free

* FDA Listed

* BPA Free

* Latex Free

*Toxin Free

* SGS Tested

* Medical Grade Silicone Care

👉EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT: Girl’s OrganiCup, Menstrual Cup By Girl’s Shop Bd. Online can be used for any activity. It is washable and reusable, great feminine hygiene products alternative to tampons and menstrual pads. Storage bag, pouch, brash, made from organic cotton included.

👉 MADE FOR ALL WOMEN: Safe and suitable for all women, teen, skin types, and menstrual conditions. Simple to insert and remove.


👉 *100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are so convinced that you’ll love your Girl’s Shop Bd. Online, formerly Girl’s OrganiCup that we offer 100% Money Back Guarantee on all orders. If you’re not satisfied, simply contact us and we will refund you. No questions asked.





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