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Artificial Virginity Hymen Capsule , Blood Capsule To Prove Virginity ,Made in Germany

৳ 8,500.00

“Made in Germany” Features Products Artificial Virginity For women’s:
  1. 2x Virginity blood capsule.
  2. no side effects.
  3. no pain
  4. No toxic
  5. No doctor Visits
  6. MDD – 12 Mants
  7. Made in Germany
  8. Mo Medication
  9. No anesthesia
    “artificial virginity hymen capsule.” It is a product that claims to help women fake their virginity by simulating the rupture of the hymen during sexual intercourse. The product is in the form of a small capsule that is inserted into the vagina a few hours before sexual activity. The capsule contains a red-colored substance that is designed to leak out and simulate bleeding when the capsule is ruptured. The product is marketed towards women who want to appear virginal on their wedding night or for cultural or religious reasons. It is important to note that the concept of virginity and the emphasis placed on it can be culturally and socially constructed, and this product can perpetuate harmful beliefs and practices. Additionally, there can be potential health risks associated with using this product, such as infections or allergic reactions. It is always recommended to seek professional medical advice before using any new product, especially when it comes to sensitive areas such as the vagina.    it is important to understand that the presence or absence of a hymen or bleeding during first-time sexual intercourse is not a reliable indicator of virginity, as the hymen can be ruptured due to other factors such as physical activity or the use of tampons. Moreover, not all women have a hymen, and some may have a hymen that is naturally elastic and does not tear or bleed during sexual intercourse. It is always recommended to prioritize open communication and mutual respect in sexual relationships, and not to place undue emphasis on the concept of virginity. Additionally, any product that is intended for use in the vagina can carry potential health risks, and it is important to consult with a medical professional before using such products. Hymen blood capsules Self-Resolving Virginity Blood Capsule Pills Can help you in confirming your virginity by appearing in blood traces. You need to insert the Virginia care Virginity Blood Pills Deep into your vagina almost 1-3 hours before the sexual intercourse’s take place. The results are going to amaze you. If you want to intensify the feeling of virginity by tightening the vaginal entrance you are recommended to use revitalize100 ™ 1-2 weeks beforehand. But if you are interested in the short-time solution we suggest you use the virgins care ™ hymen repair kit. The main difference between the hymen Blood Capsule and the artificial hymen Membrane is the handling as well as the time before you ins. The artificial hymen Blood Capsule Price online is also quite affordable.  


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