How to use Menstrual Cup?

How to use Menstrual Cup?
• First of all, wash your hands very well so that no germs are transmitted from your hands. During menstruation, however, the risk of bacterial infection is higher.
িয়ে Soak the menstrual cup (Vaginal Cup) well so that you can easily insert it in your vagina. Most women do this while bathing. However, if you use it for the first time, you can see it later, not during the bath.
Fold the cup slightly and insert it inside your vagina and check with your finger once to see if the cup is open inside. If it is not open then the cup may come out and blood may leak during menstruation. If you notice that the cup does not fit properly, take it out once and insert it once.
• Never insert a menstrual cup directly into your vagina. This can cause problems with your spine. If necessary, kneel down once and insert the cup by tilting it a little.
বস Sit again when you feel that the cup is full and slowly take the cup out.
• Wash the cup (Vaginal Cup) well once and you can use it again.
শেষে Boil the cup well in hot water at the end of menstruation and use it again next month!

Advantages Of Menstrual Cup

You can say it is a one time investment. In other words, once you buy a menstrual cup, it goes away comfortably for five to 10 years. Think about it, how much will it cost to buy a five year sanitary napkin?
• Menstrual Cup (Vaginal Cup) is environment friendly which means no harm to the environment. Tampons or sanitary napkins do not mix with the ground and cannot be flushed again. This is because it contains cotton and another type of silica gel which is harmful to the environment.
• Once you have the Menstrual Cup, rest for about 10 to 12 hours. It’s not like you have to change sanitary napkins over and over again.

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