Why should I use period panties? very useful, especially for teenage sisters

👉 No one can tell when the period will start, we may know that my period will start today but no one can say when it will start, so if we can have period panties then we have no more worries. 👉 Also we use normal panties on period days, in which case there is a risk of leakage, but if we use leakage proof period panties then this problem will not happen anymore, there will be no fear of leakage or wear on the bones.

👉 It is seen that if I use normal pants, I must use sanitary napkin / pad with panties, but if I use leakage proof period panties, we don’t have to use anything else. 👉 Reusable Leak Proof Period Panty Usable for 2 years without pads

👉 In addition to clothing we are now much more aware of our own health. Girls in particular tend to be more picky when buying their shampoo or facewash. But have you ever wondered what happens to your hair or face? Period is a normal and natural thing which is an inevitable event in the life of every woman who is able to give birth. Adult females have to spend 4-6 days of the season during the month. During the season, women use different types of pads, napkins or even cloth rags to keep their discharge secret. But even then, if the discharge is high, they often leak. As a result, women have to fall into shame and embarrassment. The way to avoid this situation is to use leak proof panties. If someone is bleeding a little during menstruation, these panties may be an alternative to cups or pads. This pantyhose will give extra protection to those who have irregular bleeding. So we bring you high quality leak proof panties.

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