Here is some information about menstrual cup

Here are some important points and misconceptions:

1 / Before using for the first time, boil the cup in hot water. There is no compromise on hygiene.
2 / Do not have to boil every time during the period. It should be washed with clean water or intimate wash. However, at the beginning of each period, boil in hot water.
3 / Every time you change your hand, wash your hands with clean water or intimate wash, don’t forget to use soap! .
4 / One cup can be used for 5-10 years so I think there is no need for more than one. You will see the details written on the cup packet.
5 / If you are not very compelled, try to wash the cup after 7-8 hours.
6 / If you try to insert the cup directly, it will not be inserted. There are several types of folding systems that need to be inserted. And you don’t have to pull it out when you have to. Must be done according to the system.
8 / Q: Can the cup get stuck inside me or disappear?
First, the cup will not disappear inside you, but it may rise slightly. In that case, if you exhale from relaxation, the cup will come down. Try squatting and apply pressure to your abdominal muscles until they reach the bottom of the cup. Remember the cup cannot be lost in the vagina; It will go down by the force of gravity.
9 / Q: Will the blood go back to my uterus if I lie down?
Answer: No, there is no possibility of blood flowing in your uterus – even if you are lying on your back. According to Human Anatomy, there is no chance of blood entering.
10 / Q: Can I urinate while wearing cup?
A: Yes, the path of urination and period is different so you do not have to remove the cup while urinating.
11 / Q: Is it safe to use the cup for 12 hours?
Answer: Yes
12 / Q: Can I sleep after this?
Answer: Yes
13 / Q: What panties to wear when wearing it
A: No, you can wear panties if you want

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